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Steps to Take After Suffering a Business Disaster | SERVPRO of Sumter

2/15/2024 (Permalink)

business man in office talking to female SERVPRO rep SERVPRO of Sumter is here for your business every step of the way, from ERPs to disaster recovery.

Disaster situations can cause serious damage to your business in a really short amount of time. One minute you are sitting at your desk working on the next month’s schedule or budget—and the next, you are running for a fire extinguisher or scrambling to find your water shut-off valve.

Once the situation is under control, you have some quick decisions to make in order to minimize the disruption to your staff and to keep moving forward in a positive direction. SERVPRO of Sumter is here to help every step of the way when it comes to your entire restoration.

Preparation Tips

While we can’t always prevent disaster situations or know when they are coming, having a reliable plan for various disasters is always recommended. If your staff know where to go and what to do ahead of an emergency, you can rest assured that everyone will react according to plan.

The first step is to develop a reliable communication strategy. Make sure everyone on your staff is connected via email or text and then designate a chain of command for who is in charge of what when disaster strikes.

In addition, you should all walk through your building to get a proper lay of the land. Locate your fire extinguishers, water shut-off valves and emergency exits so that everyone can pitch in if needed.

Finally, make sure your staff know where to go and what to do after the disaster situation is under control. If your business is set up for remote work, send off your employees with the equipment they need. If you must be in person, you should already have a backup location in mind that they can set up shop in the interim.

Recovering With the Confidence of SERVPRO®

When you have a plan in place, you can assume that your business is already on the path to recovery. We can help make sure this happens! Our team will arrive quickly and get started on your restoration as soon as possible.

Our team will be in charge of your physical recovery, so it will be your job to make sure your employees and customers are being taken care of. Answer questions, do your best to reassure everyone about the restoration process and share potential reopening dates so everyone knows what to expect in the coming days or weeks.

We also want you to keep an open mind throughout this process! While you might have to be displaced for a short time, we can also work with you to find ways for you to operate while we are in your space. Accepting that this is only temporary can help you stay motivated to work through the frustrations.

Planning ahead can go a long way to protecting your business, and our restoration team is here to help you recover from any damage you do suffer. Let us help you back open for business faster.

Has your business experienced a disaster, or do you want help building an emergency plan? Contact us to find everything you need.

One Team, One Goal in Your Restoration | SERVPRO of Sumter

2/1/2024 (Permalink)

heavy rain pounding down on a blacktop surface SERVPRO of Sumter is Here to Help® when any disaster strikes!

Disasters are often overwhelming, and it can seem insurmountable sometimes to stare at your damaged home and not know what to do first.

It doesn’t matter whether Mother Nature dealt a huge blow to your home or an appliance busted and poured water all over your home, recovery is necessary and it should happen quickly.

SERVPRO of Sumter is here to help! Our team will take over your entire recovery process and help you overcome any sort of damage that you are faced with.

The Realities of Disasters

Different disasters can impact our community in various ways, but they can all be frustrating to deal with. Weather can be unpredictable, water lines can break without warning or fires can start even if you do everything right.

The problem with certain home disasters is that they can quickly lead to other problems in your house. Heavy rain can infiltrate your rooms, but that can quickly lead to structural damage and even stubborn mold infestations. A fire can start in your kitchen but then lead to residual soot and smoke odors all over your home.

The compounding damages after an initial disaster can sometimes be worse than the original situation! Recovering after a water, fire or storm disaster should always become your top priority after it happens.

Our highly trained team can help you navigate the complicated world of disaster recovery with confidence. We will get right to work as soon as you call us!

A Single Team, a Complete Restoration

Disasters never happen when it is convenient, which is why we are available 24/7 to respond to your call for help. We fully understand the time-sensitive nature of certain situations, which is why we will jump right into action to help you recover.

Our certified experts are constantly learning and developing their skills to ensure we can tackle whatever your restoration requires. We can handle natural and manmade disasters no matter how extensive they are. Our business is also locally owned and operated, which means that we have extensive experience helping our community overcome many different kinds of home and property damage situations.

When your roof is damaged in a strong storm, we will work quickly to secure your roof with tarps while also removing your possessions out of the affected room. If your home floods, we will prioritize removing the standing water while also working saving your soft or fragile possessions from further damage.

Our crew is even talented enough to tear down and rebuild entire sections of your home that were damaged beyond repair. We can truly do it all for you and your family.

Another benefit of working with us is that you are only working with us! Our team can handle every aspect of your recovery, so you don’t have to worry about navigating multiple contracts, companies and agreements along the way.

With highly trained staff, industry-leading equipment and around-the-clock availability, we are ready for you whenever you need us. We can promise that sunnier days are right around the corner!

Have you experienced a disaster and need restorations? Make one call to our office to start recovery fast.

Tips for Staying Cozy the Safe Way | SERVPRO of Sumter

1/16/2024 (Permalink)

brick chimney with lit fire logs Fire safety is a top priority for us at SERVPRO of Sumter this winter. Keep your home safe with these helpful tips!

The winter season is well underway for the Sumter community! While we are grateful to avoid the harshest parts of winter like heavy snow and subzero conditions, we are still vulnerable to freezing temperatures and ice storms from time to time.

Because of that, we are all prone to spend much more time indoors and near our fireplaces or space heaters while we wait for the seasons to change. Unfortunately, the number of house fires increases during the winter season just because of this!

Our SERVPRO of Sumter team explains more about how to stay safe while also staying warm this winter below, so read on to learn a few helpful tips.

Fireplace Prep for the Season

An occasional crackling fire in your hearth can provide some great ambiance and warmth, but indoor fires can be really dangerous if your space isn’t properly maintained. You should be cleaning out leftover ash before starting each new fire, and every season should include a thorough scrubbing of your chimney walls to remove creosote buildup.

Minimize or eliminate flammable materials from your mantle and around your fireplace, and check your smoke detectors every month to make sure they are working properly. If you have an electric or gas fireplace, check on the connections often to make sure you aren’t experiencing any gas leaks or faulty wiring issues.

Space Heater Tips

While we may not need the excess warmth that fireplaces bring all of the time, a simple space heater may be the key to warm up cold feet or to bring a burst of warmth to a chilly room. However, they can also be dangerous in their own right. In fact, 1,700 house fires are started every single year from space heater accidents or mishaps.

The key to avoiding space heater fires is to set up your appliance on a hard, nonflammable surface. Since they can be easily tipped over, choose a location that doesn’t experience much foot traffic and be sure the cord is lying flat on the ground.

Create a three-foot barrier around your heater to help keep out kids and pets, and make sure it is far away from hanging curtains or other flammable possessions. Never plug a space heater into an outlet extender or extension cord, and be sure someone is responsible for turning off the heater before your household goes to bed.

Additional Safety Measures

It is important to remember that safety is always your No.1 priority when it comes to fire or heat in your household. That’s why it is necessary to do your research before investing in a space heater or fireplace supplies.

Be sure the company you use is reputable and has passed all of their necessary safety certifications, and read reviews (even the bad ones, if there are any)! Consider the heaters that have additional safety measures like emergency shutoff switches that turn off the heater after a certain period of time.

Finally, you should do a visual inspection of the heater you are choosing. It should be sturdy, well-made and have a long cord so you can easily set it up in the center of a room.

Have a safe and enjoyable winter season! If you suffer from any sort of fire damage this winter, call SERVPRO of Sumter for a fast recovery. We will remove soot, smoke and debris with precision and rebuild your home with confidence.

A quick fire damage restoration is just a phone call away. Call SERVPRO® for immediate assistance.

Suspect a Water Leak? Here’s Where to Look | SERVPRO of Sumter

1/2/2024 (Permalink)

close up of condensation on window pane and ledge Water damage can happen anywhere in your home. Call SERVPRO of Sumter to restore water damage on your property 24/7, 365.

We all rely on the water that flows through our homes every day, but we need it to stay contained in our pipes and in our drains! No one wants to suffer a water leak, but unfortunately, they happen often all across our community.

While a simple spill can be cleaned up quickly, water leaks that have been happening for a while or gone unnoticed can cause serious damage all across your home.

Knowing where to start looking for the source of water leaks can help you stay in control and minimize as much damage as possible. Start by checking these common spaces where water leaks often start.

Under Sinks and Cupboards

We are at risk of suffering water leaks every time we turn on a tap to wash our hands or to rinse off a dish. As that water goes down the drain, it passes through waterlines and connections that could experience damage or wear and tear at any time.

If a leak starts under your sink, it can quickly work its way through your cupboards and into your floors before it is discovered. Get in the habit of checking your water lines whenever you are cleaning and address any signs of aging or issues right away by tightening loose connections or replacing seals.

Under and Behind Appliances

We all have at least one appliance in our homes that helps make life a little easier. Dishwashers, washing machines and our fridges play such a vital role in our busy lives! However, they can also malfunction at any point and cause serious water leaks.

We don’t often move around heavy appliances, which means that water leaks could be happening behind or beneath an appliance for a while without you knowing. Try to pull your appliances away from the wall regularly to check for water spots, mold growth or visible puddles.

Beneath Your Floors or Behind Walls

You probably don’t think about it often, but you have waterlines running behind many of your walls and under your feet. These lines are in charge of bringing all of the water in and out of your house, and they, too, can leak at a moment’s notice.

The trouble with these types of leaks is that they are not immediately apparent or visible to the naked eye. If you start to notice an earthy odor or a dark spot appears on your wall, it’s time to do a little more investigating.

Checking Around Windows

Condensation can appear whenever the temperature changes drastically in comparison to the temperature inside your home. Over time, that condensation can linger on your windows and drip down onto your window sill and warp the wood.

Moisture can also sneak its way through tiny gaps or cracks around your window casings. If you have a draft problem or notice the carpet is wet after every rainstorm, you might need to address some window repairs.

While we can do our best to prevent water damage, it’s not always possible. Call SERVPRO of Sumter for a quick and reliable restoration. We will remove all of the standing water, address structural repairs and make sure you recover completely.

Don’t ignore signs of water damage! Call SERVPRO® for a quick restoration.

Why Being Local Matters for Disaster Recovery | SERVPRO of Sumter

12/15/2023 (Permalink)

group of 3 SERVPRO reps standing near a green semi truck at a work site No job is too big or too small for our team of industry leading experts at SERVPRO of Sumter!

A kitchen fire at 5 p.m. A flooded basement caused by a burst pipe overnight. A single dripping faucet that leads to a gush over the weekend. All of these scenarios are certainly overwhelming and frustrating experiences, especially when you have to make decisions quickly to avoid a worsening situation.

While disasters are scary, having a reliable team to help you recover can make all the difference. That’s where SERVPRO of Sumter comes into play!

Our highly knowledgeable and talented restoration team can be at your home faster and can help you recover more quickly because we are located just right down the street from you and we have the tools to help.

Choosing Your Recovery Team Wisely

It can be really frustrating to suffer through disaster, and most of us want this experience behind us as quickly as possible. However, don’t go choosing a restoration company without doing your research! After all, your home and possessions are in their hands.

You should read reviews, ask around to family and friends and be sure you are confident in your decision. The company you go with should be trustworthy, highly knowledgeable and reliable when it comes to arriving and working when they say they will. They should also have 24/7 emergency assistance for those true emergency situations.

At SERVPRO of Sumter, we proudly offer all of that and more! We are locally owned and operated right here in the Sumter area and our team is highly trained and dedicated to helping our community overcome disaster no matter the scale.

Reliable Experience Matters

While it is important to have a local team that cares about your home and community, it is also important to ensure they know what they are doing when it comes to your restoration project. SERVPRO® is backed by a national brand that ensures our team has the resources, equipment and staff needed to help you recover.

The national SERVPRO company has also been in business for years and has grown from one branch in 1967 to over 2,000 today, including our business in Sumter.

When you choose to work with us, you can rest easy knowing that the professionals who come into your home know what they are doing and they will treat your home with precision and care. We follow all rules and regulations when it comes to building code in the Sumter area, and we will be able to address any and all concerns that you may have during the restoration process.

We will handle everything from the initial boarding up and securing of your home all the way to the final repairs and reconstruction of your room or levels of your home. No project is too large or unmanageable for us to handle. Let us help you put your life back together faster.

Want to learn more about everything we can do for you? Contact us to be prepared for anything.

Don’t Let Standing Water Stand in Your Way | SERVPRO of Sumter

12/1/2023 (Permalink)

concrete floor tiling with large cracks and water on it Has water damage infiltrated your business? Give SERVPRO of Sumter a call to get that resolved!

It’s another regular morning on your way to work, and you probably don’t think twice as you open doors and turn on the lights, but a musty odor or stepping into a puddle will surely stop you in your tracks. Is it a water leak or a massive water disaster?

This is certainly an unnerving scenario, and one that can come with a lot of consequences and subsequent steps in the immediate aftermath.

Whether your water disaster comes from a plumbing failure, a natural disaster or a simple water leak gone unaddressed, a quick restoration is always needed for a full recovery. We explain some easy ways to tackle standing water in your business so you can recover faster.

The First Few Steps

Finding your business flooded can be an overwhelming and even scary experience. Try to stay calm and follow these easy steps in order to get your space back in order right away and to prevent serious mold issues.

1. Stay safe. You should always put your safety and your employees’ safety first during an emergency situation. Avoid walking through the water, and get to a dry spot to evaluate your situation. Call SERVPRO® immediately so we can get started on your restoration plan, and take some images of the damage to help make your claims process easier along the way.

2. Control the disaster. The longer water sits on your floor, the worse the damage can become. This is why we want you to locate the source of the leak so you can stop the flow of water. Shut off the appropriate water valve, or close the connection right away. If you can’t track down where the water is coming from, shut off the main water valve to your entire building just to be on the safe side.

3. Start the drying process. Floodwater can be dangerous or even be harboring toxic substances, so stay out of the water and avoid touching it if possible. Open some windows to start ventilating the area, and close off the affected space to keep out staff and customers.

Working With Our Restoration Team

Once we arrive, a few things will happen at once. We will get started on getting the excess water out while completing a total assessment of your building to get a better understanding of the extent of the damage. We will also make first contact with your insurance company to get your insurance claims process started.

We will handle your restoration so you can focus on keeping your business functioning however you are able to. If we can, we will section off the area that needs repairs so you can stay open in any capacity!

As you handle the safety and well-being of your crew, we will handle the drying process. We will make sure your building is restored back to its preloss condition as quickly as possible, ensuring it is safe, clean and ready to open back up for business.

Do you need repairs after a water disaster in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.

Damage Threats & How They Can Affect Your Home | SERVPRO of Sumter

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

residentail home with roof destroyed and debris falling down If you discover damage in your residence, call SERVPRO of Sumter right away.

Everywhere you look it seems like there is a risk for home damage. A strong storm that brings hail and wind, a forgotten candle or electrical malfunction that could spark and spread fire, or even something simple as structural aging over time can leave your home with damage.

However, we don’t want you to constantly be worried about what could happen in your home. Accidents and natural disasters aren’t entirely preventable, but you can be prepared for them if you know what to expect.

SERVPRO of Sumter is Here to Help® you recover no matter what happens at your home, and we explain some of the biggest risks and our recovery process for each below.

Threats for Sumter Residents

Heavy rain and strong summer storms can lead to wind, water or impact damage in our community, and the threat of wildfires near the Sumter National Forest can rise and fall based on the current conditions. While those larger scenarios can certainly cause widespread damage, smaller incidents like roof leaks, burst water pipes and kitchen fires are among the most common types of home damage that we see on a daily basis.

Water damage is common when it comes from natural sources like clogged gutters that lead to roof leaks or a failed sump pump that causes a flooded basement. It can also come from a simple leaky pipe or a malfunctioning dishwasher.

Each case can lead to serious damage in a short amount of time. Fire is also unpredictable in that it can start from a natural source or from a manmade problem, but most often it is caused by human error.

When the Damage Keeps Getting Worse

It is so frustrating to experience any kind of damage in your home, but unfortunately, the single incident may cause more problems than the original issue. For example, a flooded basement will warp floors or ruin drywall, but it can also cause water to seep under your structure and could spark a mold infestation that compromises your foundation.

The same is true for fire damage. Fires will certainly burn and destroy your home, but they can also leave behind significant amounts of soot and smoke in their wake. The parts of your home that were saved from the flames will still most likely have suffered some type of damage, like stained walls or stinky odors. There could even be water damage to deal with due to the firefighting efforts to put out the flames.

No matter the disaster, recovering quickly can help you avoid some of these worsening issues and a lengthy recovery. That’s where SERVPRO® steps in! Our restoration team can handle every part of your recovery, even if it involves a little water damage restoration, some mold mitigation and even fire damage repair. We will clean, sanitize, contain and control the situation until your home is ready to be rebuilt and restored.

We are a full-service restoration company, which means that you will only ever have to work with us during your restoration! We will walk you through every step of our process so you fully understand what is being done, and we promise to not leave your home until you are completely satisfied.

Does your home need restoration and you don’t want to make more than one call? Contact us to get everything handled by one team.

When Disaster Strikes Your Business, You’ll Need a Plan | SERVPRO of Sumter

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

clip board with a disaster preparedness checklist and emergency supplies in the background Are you prepared for disaster? SERVPRO of Sumter is here for you when disaster strikes!

Natural disasters can occur at any point, and they are actually occurring more often across the country. The number of natural disasters has steadily increased over the course of the last five years, and they are becoming stronger and more destructive as well. That could mean some serious damage to your business if one comes our way!

While this is not a complete guarantee that a natural disaster will affect your business, it is always a possibility. There is also the possibility that a manmade problem or accident will leave you with serious damage.

Planning for the different scenarios can help you avoid significant damage and protect the future of your business.

Why Creating a Plan Matters

Because of the fact that natural disasters are occurring more frequently and are more destructive, planning ahead for them can reduce your risk of suffering serious damage and it can also help protect your staff. Different threats like fires, floods or storms can pop up quickly, so knowing what to do in the moment is crucial.

The sheer amount of damage left behind in the wake of a disaster is one thing, but it can also cause a serious financial strain on the future of your business.

Insurance issues, lost revenue and the cost of repairs can all work against you when it comes to reopening your business. Sometimes, it can all be too much, and businesses will close and never reopen. We are here to make sure that does not happen to you.

The Benefits of an Emergency Ready Plan

SERVPRO® is proud to offer our restoration services to our community, but we can also help you plan for the unexpected! Our Emergency Ready Plan is a planning service that we offer to every business owner in the Sumter area. It is a complete guide that will walk you through every sort of disaster situation that you could experience at your business.

We will come out to your place of business and assess your risk for different threats, like warehouse fires, floods if your building is in a flood zone, and different storm scenarios. We will outline what to do before, during and after each scenario.

The best way to stay in control during an emergency is to plan ahead! Our plans will include all kinds of things to do now so you can navigate a disaster situation more smoothly. This could include tips on how to store important documents, what to do with electronics when a water issue is present or even how to pack go-bags for your staff to grab during an emergency.

We will also ensure that a strong line of communication is developed within your staff. Having a chain of command and knowing who is in charge of what is crucial during a disaster situation.

Your business deserves to overcome whatever disaster situation it faces! Our Emergency Ready Plan can help you prepare for and overcome whatever life throws at you.

Ready to create your Emergency Ready Plan for your business? Contact us for your free assessment to start the plan you need.

Prep for the Holiday Season With Fire Safety in Mind | SERVPRO of Sumter

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

pan on kitchen counter in residence ablaze while unattended Fire damage in your home? Not for long with SERVPRO of Sumter on the case!

The holidays are right around the corner, and we certainly hope you are gearing up for another season surrounded by your very best friends and loving family. No matter what holidays you celebrate with your family, you are bound to be making some sort of delicious homemade food.

Whether you are in charge of bringing your famous pumpkin pie or you are hosting the entire dinner yourself, practicing safe food strategies is key to avoiding dangerous house fires.

The number of house fires increases during the holiday season, especially those that start in the kitchen. Taking these preventive steps while you are whipping up your food can greatly reduce your risk of starting a fire that would certainly derail your holiday festivities.

Controlling Flammable Materials in the Kitchen

Before you even light your stove or preheat your oven, preparing your space should always take priority. Since so many fires start in the kitchen, having a clean and safe work space from the start can reduce your risk.

Remove as many flammable items as possible from around your appliances. Pot holders, oven mitts, wooden utensils and holiday decorations can easily catch on fire if too close to an open flame or heat.

In addition, you need to be cautious about your outfit choice when you are cooking. Cute holiday accessories or decorative aprons may add a nice touch to your holiday season, but loose strings or clothing can also catch on fire and lead to catastrophe. Roll up your sleeves and choose your wardrobe wisely.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Food

Do not leave the kitchen if you are actively cooking or if you have something in the oven. This is incredibly important if you want to avoid a kitchen fire. It doesn’t matter if you are grilling, boiling, baking or frying, a fire can start in an instant and lead to your entire kitchen going up in flames by the time you return.

You also need to take extra precautions if your holiday festivities include deep-frying a turkey this year. Do not add too much oil to the fryer and be sure to set it up on a level, non-flammable surface.

Check the size of your turkey and set it out to thaw days before you need it, as your turkey should be completely thawed before being lowered into the pot.

Check on Your Protective Measures

We all know that accidents happen and fires aren’t completely preventable, but making sure your protective measures are in place can also reduce your risk of serious fire damage. Smoke alarms are crucial for every level of your home, and you should have at least one in your kitchen. Check the batteries often to ensure they are working properly.

You also should have a fire extinguisher close by. Move your fire extinguisher to the kitchen or purchase one that will stay there always. You should also keep a lid or another pan nearby while you are cooking to help you quickly extinguish any grease fires that pop up unexpectedly.

Be safe this holiday season and enjoy all of this wonderful time with friends and family. Remember, if your home does suffer any sort of fire damage, our team can help you clean up and rebuild your home right away so you don’t miss out on the festivities of the season.

House fires can happen in the blink of an eye. Contact us for a quick restoration day or night!

Navigating Winter Weather With Confidence | SERVPRO of Sumter

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

residential driveway covered in ice with icicles hanging down from the vehicle parked there The winter season is almost upon us! SERVPRO of Sumter has your back with these helpful tips.

Now that the heat of the summer is behind us and we are in the thick of the fall season, it’s time to start talking about winter weather! While we are grateful that we don’t have to experience some of the more intense winter weather patterns like blizzards and subzero temperatures around here, winter weather can impact us in its own way.

Heavy rain, strong wind, sleet and the occasional flurry can all have an impact on our homes and make travel dangerous. Preparing ahead of time and addressing any potential damage right after the storm passes is crucial for keeping your family safe.

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter Weather

We always recommend staying home when the weather is less than ideal. Heavy rain or sleet can make travel more difficult and depending on the temperature, roads can be slick as well.

Instead, grab your weather radio and start gathering any supplies you will need to ride out the storm. Severe weather can knock out power at any time of the year, and the winter is no exception.

Being prepared with extra flashlights and batteries, your first-aid kit and extra blankets can help ensure that your family is safe and cozy in case the power goes out. You should also have a backup heating source if the power is out for more than just an hour or two.

Homes can cool down quickly if the heat is not working, so be sure you have a backup location in mind that you can head to if your home gets really chilly and the power will be out for the foreseeable future. Head to a friend’s home, a public space or a warming center nearby.

Addressing Your Home After the Storm

Winter weather can be really unpredictable, turning rain into sleet, ice pellets or even snow from time to time. After the storm is gone, take a look at your home start on any cleanup requirements right away.

Strong wind is often one of the most damaging parts of a winter storm, so check your roof and siding for damage. You should also be checking the vents around your home and removing any ice buildup around the grates. If carbon monoxide cannot safely escape your home, it can become a danger to everyone in your household.

How We Can Help Repair Your Home

If your home has suffered serious water damage or structural damage as a result of the storm, we want you to call us right away. Our team will be able to assess the damage, secure your home and get right to work restoring and repairing your space.

We will keep working until you are 100% satisfied with the final product, only stopping when your home has been successfully returned to its preloss condition.

Our team is always ready for anything! Contact us at SERVPRO of Sumter for a quick restoration after suffering damage from a winter storm.