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Fire damages lake house in Manning

After a pan caught fire at a lake house in Manning, South Carolina the client knew just who to call to have the damage quickly and efficiently addressed. With o... READ MORE

Pipe leak in Sumter, SC

The damage to the property was due to a pipe that was in the wall that had a slow leak and had been leaking some time before it was discovered wetting multiple ... READ MORE

Crawlspace fire in Lynchburg, SC

When a dehumidifier short circuited and caught fire under a Lynchburg home they knew just who to call to get the clean up started. The fire burned about 25 perc... READ MORE

Water loss in Sumter, SC

When a toilet seal began to leak and spread water through out a local home the home owner knew just who to call to help with this disaster. Crews were on sight ... READ MORE

Grease Fire In Pinewood

A call was received about a fire that was caused by grease that caught fire on the stove. The soot was in every room of the home to include all the bedrooms and... READ MORE

Mold in a storage room

We received a call from a gentleman that stated that he had a small leak that affected his storage room and caused growth to start growing. Due to the weather c... READ MORE

Mold in a lake house

A client called after the started to notice that his son was getting ill and he was beginning to see growth in different rooms of the residence. It was determin... READ MORE

From darkness to light

When a local nursing facility had a state inspection coming up they knew the state of their kitchen floor just would not do. Over time grease, dirt, and debris ... READ MORE

Carpet rescue in Manning, SC

We received a call from a landlord after a tenant vacated a property and left their mark in the carpet. Knowing that the amount of soiling was not going to get ... READ MORE

Waste Water in Manning, SC

When a waste pipe burst under a Manning home a call was placed to SERVPRO of Sumter to address the waste water that collected under the home on the vapor barrie... READ MORE