Recent Before & After Photos

From darkness to light

When a local nursing facility had a state inspection coming up they knew the state of their kitchen floor just would not do. Over time grease, dirt, and debris ... READ MORE

Carpet rescue in Manning, SC

We received a call from a landlord after a tenant vacated a property and left their mark in the carpet.Knowing that the amount of soiling was not going to get r... READ MORE

Waste Water in Manning, SC

When a waste pipe burst under a Manning home a call was placed to SERVPRO of Sumter to address the waste water that collected under the home on the vapor barrie... READ MORE

Fire Devastates Summerton Home

When a fire broke out in a Summerton, SC home it destroyed part of the structure as well as part of the contents in the structure. After a call to her insu... READ MORE

Government Building Floods

We received a call on a Sunday that one of the government building is in Florence, South Carolina flooded due to the amount of rain a recent storm dumped on the... READ MORE

Mold in a spare room

We received a call from a client that stated that she opened the door to a spare room that she had not used in sometime and noticed that there was mold growing ... READ MORE

Rain water at a local plant.

An after hours call was received from a local plant where is was stated that a leak in the building caused the ability for the rain water to flood in to the off... READ MORE

Carpet restoration

As you can see in the before picture the carpet in this commercial property was heavily stained due to repeated tracking of outside soil and the spilling of dif... READ MORE

Storm tears off part of roof

When the high winds from a storm ripped the shingles off of a home in Sumter county it allowed for rain to come pouring in affecting a good portion of the inter... READ MORE

Fallen ceiling in a Sumter home.

A freeze that hit the local area caused pipe to burst causing water damaged home through out the Sumter, SC area. Some of the homes had the piping for the home ... READ MORE