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Water Damage Testimonials

My experience was awesome as usual. Trevon was very helpful. Grateful to SERVPRO for their help.

Thank-You SERVPRO Of Sumter for being so Responsive and your Professionalism in a time when my anxiety was at its highest. Trevon took his time with me, and explained thoroughly the process and what to expect. All the guys were considerate with the items in my home, and even cleaned up behind themselves! Thank-you again SERVPRO Of Sumter for making this experience a little bit easier! You Guys Are The Best!!!

We utilized the water restoration services recently, due to a waterline leaking into our home. The crews, crew chief, and their manager were beyond compassionate about our situation. They explained every step.

They were thorough from start to finish. Every time they visited to work, or take reading, we were notified well in advance. That was huge. For as much as we’d never want to need that service again, rest assured that if we did, they would be our first call.

After a previous company failed to complete the job, these guys (Duck, Dequante, Eric, and Jacob were called in. First impressions were great and they had a plan which they explained to me and then carried it out to the end. Very courteous and professional and most importantly they did what they said they would do. They worked seamlessly with my insurance company. I would recommend to anyone. Thank/you SERVPRO.

Duck and his team were great! Got in the home quick and got right to work cleaning up a very wet and very big area. Duck, their lead man was extra responsive and helpful keeping us up to date on the status and condition of our home. Wonderful job, I'd call them again in an instant, great customer service!

Duck and his team were amazing! This is the first time I’ve ever had anything like this happen and they kept me calm all while being transparent with the situation at hand. Granted, it was not the best circumstances to meet but they made a catastrophe an experience. Thank you!

My hero’s! I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the services that I got from SERVPRO in Sumter. He is the best. We had a water pipe bust in our house and I never would’ve thought to look under the cabinets in the kitchen, in which the wall did back up to the wall where the water had busted, but because I did not see any leaking beneath it went unnoticed by me. But Sean found it and I am so glad I am so glad he did a thorough investigation into the damages that the water had caused. I very much appreciate his expertise and loyalty to his customers thank you.

I discovered that my toilet flooded two bedrooms, closets, bathroom, and the hallway in my brand new home and immediately called SERVPRO. They were at my house in less than an hour with their equipment and explanation of what to do to take care of and dry out my flooring so that water would not expand to the walls, etc. Trayvon was the main contact and person in charge of my cleanup. I could not have asked for a better person to show up in this crisis. He was so helpful and empathetic. He was patient in explaining everything they were doing and what the process entailed. He reported to my house each day for several days to check the moisture level and made adjustments as needed to take out equipment not needed or add equipment to areas that were taking longer to dry. Would definitely recommend SERVPRO.

I Really appreciate the guys that came to my family's rescue. They took the time to find out what was going on and what needed to be done. They were always on time and had good communication I recommend these guys to anyone. Thank you Duck, Mike and George you guys are GREAT and I appreciate everything you guys have done. Thank you again.

Buying a new house isn’t supposed to come with the need to deal with flood damage within a few weeks and right after move-in day but that is exactly what happened. We called SERVPRO before we even called our insurance. We didn’t just get good service and care but great service and care. Lee and his team are rockstars that helped us through this whole mess and explained what they were doing, why they were doing it, and what their concerns were. Duck was our point of contact and was phenomenal. I can’t recommend these guys enough!!

After a hose busted under our kitchen sink while we were away, the SERVPRO team came to our rescue. Shaun and his crew were quick, responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. They worked with our insurance company to ensure the appropriate steps were taken in order to prevent further damage and clean up the current damage. Unfortunately, the majority of our original hardwood floors had to be removed. Shaun and his crew made this unfortunate process fairly painless and were very helpful and reassuring during a stressful time. Can't recommend them enough!

Mike Hooks was the crew chief for our clean up. He and his crew were respectful of our home and provided quality service. Kept us informed of their progress and helped us throughout this process. I would highly recommend them.

There were several parties involved in this clean up and I could always count on SERVPRO of Sumter being professional and responsive, highly recommend this team

I would like to thank SERVPRO of Sumter, SC for the outstanding job ya'll have done. We had a water pipe bust in the bathroom, flooded the hallway, and 3 bedrooms.  I am very pleased with TRAYVON and his helpers they were very nice and very fast at what they do. Thank you all!

We arrived to an unfortunate water pressure problem that left a saturated third floor bathroom and bedroom through the main floor and all the way down to the first floor standing in 2 inches of water. Shawn and Trevan arrived after hours to began to remove water from the home. They did what they said, when they said, were professional and helped calm my nerves during this experience! it was a Friday night...and they worked through the weekend. Good people. Thank you Trevan and Shaun! 

We had water damage in our home from a water pipe leak. SERVPRO of Sumter came out and accessed the situation, removed the wet walls and floors, and brought in fans and humidifiers. The team that came to our home were knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. They eased our fears and tensions with their great attitudes. I would like to send out kudos to Mike Blake, Jesse, and Duck (and of course Lee). You guys are the best. Thank you for making our situation bearable!

We were so impressed with the staff......professional; and friendly

My house flooded and I called the insurance that same day and they gave me their information. SERVPRO was able to come to my home within 3 hours to start on removing the water. Shawn and Trevon did great work and worked overtime to remove the water. Throughout my experience they went over and beyond with my home. They kept me in the loop of what was going on and they answered all my questions. I just want to say thank you!!!

Water pipe broke in the ceiling (we are built on a slab) and the living room ceiling fell in. We got the water, insulation and debris up off the floor, SERVPRO came in the next day and did a fantastic job taking out the wet insulation from the attic, cleaning up the sheet rock in the ceiling, placing plastic to cover the 6x6 hole and placing dryers and a dehumidifier in the room to help it dry out completely. They even took our area rug back to their shop, got the water out and dried it. I wasn't going to call as I felt we got up the water and debris but am so glad I did. The folks who came were extremely friendly and efficient, knew more about mold than we did and they really came through for us in areas we would not have thought of. They communicated with our homeowners company and paved the way for us to ensure we were ready for repairs and mold free. So in essence, don't think twice about calling should you have a problem in your home. They handled things we would not have thought of and did a great job of it.

The toilet in my children’s bathroom started leaking. There was nothing but grey water flooding the bathroom and my hallway. Unbeknownst to me, the water leaked through the bathroom linen closet and into my den and into my hallway. The hardwood floors were damaged beyond repair. The water damage was more significant than I initially thought. My insurance adjuster recommended for me to call SERVPRO in Sumter, SC. It was after hours when I was told to call. I am so impressed with the timely manner in which they responded. Duck and Mike are the two men that came out to assess the damage. They are awesome!!! So down to Earth and answered every question I had. I’m beyond impressed with this company. If anyone needs to have repairs done for water damage I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Very pleased and impressed by the SERVPRO crew.

Greatly appreciate lee coming out to provide information and assurance of what was to occur.

Buddy was very kind and knowledgeable. He made this less stressful experience by breaking everything down, step by step so the process could be understood. His assistance is greatly appreciated.

Absolute amazing service and informative. Was able to finish in a very timely manner and kept in constant contact with me with updates. 

Mike did an awesome job. Very knowledgeable and courteous. He's a true professional.

SERVPRO professionals Buddy and Shaun were great to work with.

Service was nice and prompt.

SERVPRO Professional Technician, Buddy, was excellent in going over needed information and communicated well with me and provided speedy service.

After responding to a sewage backup for Ms. Kathyrn she wrote " SERVPRO was very prompt in responding to my call and their equipment did its job well".

Everett wrote "I really appreciate the speedy service and the attention to detail the SERVPRO team provided. Thanks again".

Thank you, Everett, for allowing SERVPRO of Sumter to assist you in this trying time.

After responding on a Sunday after hours to perform water mitigation for Orrin he wrote "Keep up the good work". 

Great team of employees!

After experiencing a water loss at her home and completing our Job Completion Certificate of Satisfaction, Ms. Edith Bucher rated SERVPRO all '10's' and commented that she 'could not ask for better service!'  That's one reason we love our job - We work hard so that you don't have to !  Another happy customer !