Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Heavy Smoke in Sumter

As can be seen in the image of a wall during the cleaning process, the specialize cleaning products used by our team here at SERVPRO of Sumter can make even the heaviest soot look  “Like it never even happened.”

Mold remediation

Katlyn and Shannon are getting ready to do a mold remediation in a Sumter home. Once they done their protective eye ware they will use an antimicrobial to wipe the growth from this residence. If they come across some areas that they are not able to wipe the materials will be removed.

Mold Growth in a Crawl Space

A home in Florence SC. experienced a slow leak in the kitchen. Over time the leak has caused a lot of damage, one of with is mold growth in the insulation and on the joist. 

Growth in a Bathroom in Sumter, Sc.

The growth in this bathroom was likely caused by the high humidity and open windows in this vacant home. 

Every time it rained and the flooring and walls got wet, then the humidity raised, growth would spread through out the structure. 

Your Crawlspace and Mold

Living in South Carolina we are all going to have some type of growth in our crawlspaces. The only way to properly remediate mold in a crawlspace is with total encapsulation. Encapsulation can be very expensive and sometime not necessary. The air around us contains mold spores, so it is only natural to assume your crawlspace will to. 

Surface Growth in a Hallway

This growth is attributed to poor air ventilation.Moisture is the most critical requirement for growth. Spores remain in a dormant stage when materials are dry and the humidity is below 60%. You can see the condensation on the walls in this hallway that promoted the growht on the ceiling and trim.