Recent Before & After Photos

Government Building Floods

We received a call on a Sunday that one of the government building is in Florence, South Carolina flooded due to the amount of rain a recent storm dumped on the... READ MORE

Mold in a spare room

We received a call from a client that stated that she opened the door to a spare room that she had not used in sometime and noticed that there was mold growing ... READ MORE

Rain water at a local plant.

An after hours call was received from a local plant where is was stated that a leak in the building caused the ability for the rain water to flood in to the off... READ MORE

Carpet restoration

As you can see in the before picture the carpet in this commercial property was heavily stained due to repeated tracking of outside soil and the spilling of dif... READ MORE

Storm tears off part of roof

When the high winds from a storm ripped the shingles off of a home in Sumter county it allowed for rain to come pouring in affecting a good portion of the inter... READ MORE

Fallen ceiling in a Sumter home.

A freeze that hit the local area caused pipe to burst causing water damaged home through out the Sumter, SC area. Some of the homes had the piping for the home ... READ MORE

Water damage in unattended home

A pipe burst in a unoccupied home in Sumter, SC causing water to run unattended for what appears to be a long time causing damage to walls and flooring through ... READ MORE

Growth in a closet

We received a call from a local clinic concerning the possibly of growth in on of the closets in one of the restrooms. A scope of the area revealed that there w... READ MORE

Lighthouse restored.

The light house pictured came from a fire where a vehicle ran into a house and then the vehicle caught fire. As the before picture shows the item was unrecogniz... READ MORE

Fire in a Sumter home

A Sumter, SC home experienced a fire when an ember came out of the fireplace and caught the carpet on fire. The fire cause smoke to bellow through out most... READ MORE